Family-A Precious Gift!

This weekend was another reminder of reality to me through my best friend Laurie and Sharmane a client in business. Laurie had to bury her step dad of twenty some years just two months after burying her sister. As I would talk to Laurie I could hear the tiredness, weariness, sorrow and all the other emotions involved in this type of situation in her voice.

On Friday, the day of the visitation for Laurie’s dad, Sharmane was telling me about the murder of the Billings who were the parents of sixteen children, twelve that were adopted some with disabilities. As I spoke with Sharmane and read her email I could hear the emotions of sorrow, concern and fear for this family and her community. 5_21_billings_16kids

I was reminded as both of these deaths came on very suddenly, one from natural causes and on through murder, how short life is and how precious it is. In an instant it can be over and once that happens, there are no more chances to go to your parents and family, hug them, love them and let them know how much you appreciate them. In my own family I see children not talking to parents, grand parents not allowed to see their grand children, sisters and brothers not speaking, all because of the “What About Me” factor. Look what they did to me, look what they said to me, etc. forgetting that God’s word tells us that it is not about me – but you. So many in the Bible were hurt and betrayed by people and yet showed love and forgiveness to those who hurt them. Peter, who betrayed Jesus, was one that was specifically mentioned by the angel after Christ rose from the dead to go tell that He was alive. I believe that Jesus was sending Peter a message, I Forgive You and Love You!

Every day is a Gift from God and should not be taken lightly. Go to you parents, hug them, sit down and talk with them, tell them thank you for doing the best they could because that is what they did, the best they could. We were recently watching Tyler Perry’s “Madea Goes to Jail” and there was a scene where Madea is in a room with a group of female inmates. One woman starts telling the women all the bad things her father did to her. With that I love what Madea says to this woman and the others: “Quit complaining! Your parents gave you life- what you choose to do with that life is your responsibility. Go to your siblings, love them and realize that your parents had them so you would not be alone. They are here for you!

I personally do not have my mother or grandmother here any more to love on but do have a mother in law, husband,   three children and  two daughter in laws.  This past weekend reminded me to be thankful for them, all their gifts and faults and the good days and t he bad days with them, because each and every one of them is precious and a Gift from God!

Until next time, 

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  1. So proud of you mom!

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