Healthy Food for our 4 legged family members

This past week I have been doing a lot of cooking but a few of the meals have been for our 3 family pets- Kewtie, Jabez and Guchi Bear. Kewtie is my little long haired black, white and tan Chihuahua. Kewtie came to me at a very special time when our other little dog, Daisy ran out and got hit by a car. We carried her into an emergency hospital late one Sunday night to be told she was dead.  The next day my husband made me go look at puppies and I found my Kewtie. She was only 3 weeks old and immediately stole my heart. That was almost 5 years ago and we have been best buds ever since.

When the dog food recall happened, I really began checking dog food labels and seeing what was in them. I also began cooking dog food for my special family members, the four legged ones. Something that I love to do and they really enjoy is after I take all the meat I want off the chicken bone, I put the carcass in a pot and put enough water in it just to cover it. After it boils for about 20 minutes, I take the bones out and add a box of whole wheat pasta and some carrots or other vegetable. I had recently read that the oldest dog on record is 21 years old and eats boiled chicken and whole wheat pasta every day. After the bone cools, I pull all the extra chick off and place it is the pot with the pasta and vegetables. This makes a nice pot of home made food that I serve over the dry dog food. It is cheaper than can food and the dogs love having the extra home cooked food mixed in. Our Chow, Guchi Bear, can’t eat it fast enough and our other little  Chihuahua, Jabez, Kewtie’s half brother who is 5 months younger(yes we loved Kewtie so much we wanted another one)actually ate his and another half bowl full tonight.

I pray our little friends live  long healthy lives and for me I can’t imagine every night eating the same old dry food, so this helps give them a little variety.

Until next time, give all your pets a hug from me!  di


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