Finally My Husband Listened!

Yesterday I had to fly out for a meeting today.  When I called my husband last night to check on things, I realized he was not feeling well, so like and Good Wife, I asked what was wrong. He then informed me that he has a cough, runny nose and aches in his body.  I preceded to ask, Honey, when did this start? He said on Monday his nose started to run and he didn’t feel great.  Needless to say, I am asking why he didn’t say anything? Like most men, he tells me it was not a big deal!

With the new information about him coming down sick, I said you need to put Vick’s on your feet and put socks over them and go to bed.  Seeing that it was 10 o’clock at night, the going to bed was not a problem but my husband putting Vick’s on his feet was! It seemed like such a girl thing!!

IMG_0023I told him how our son did it when he had Influenza B a few weeks ago, and it helped him and how I was coming down with the same symptoms and the next morning was 90 percent better. Relentlessly he did do it and when I called him this morning he was feeling better. Woohoo!! Even though I don’t think he will admit it, in his heart he knows I was right. This is a day many women wait for! I hope it wont be years till he listens to me again. Time will tell.


An Experience with Tamiflu Everyone Should Read

Recently a woman named Melissa Rodriquez posted this story. Please take the time to read. It may save you and your family!

Last night my daughter tried to kill me. No, this is not a joke and yes, you do need to read the full story.
My evening started by coming home from work to find Emma with a fever of 103.1 and complaining of a runny nose. I gave her Tylenol, sent the boys to my moms house next door and took her to see her Pedi. Four hours later, they gave her another dose of tylenol and we left with a prescriptions for Tamiflu and Ibuprofen after they diagnosed her for the flu by symptoms. Prescriptions were filled, medicine was administered in my vehicle in the CVS parking lot (She still had a fever of 103 so I felt like she couldn’t wait the 4 hours for her next dose) and we drove home. Within thirty minutes of her falling asleep, she woke up. This is where my nightmare begins.
My daughter woke up but she wasn’t herself. She woke up breaking things and came into my bedroom saying she was going to kill me. After ten minutes of wrestling with her, trying to reason with her and wake her up from what I assumed was her sleep walking, her mood snapped and she began to cry stating, “Please, mommy, I’m so sorry. I love you but I can’t wake up. The noise in head won’t let me.” I hugged her and told her I loved her, gave her ibuprofen because her fever was still 103 and woke up my boys and told them to get dressed so they could go stay with my aunt for the night.
Our first stop was Knapp. Yes, Crappy Knappy, because even though it sucks it’s still the closest hospital to home and this was clearly an emergency. She was found with a fever of 102.2 and was given her fifth dose of fever medication in 6 hours. Twenty minutes later the ER Dr tells me “why’d you bring her here if you’ve already started the Tamiflu. It doesn’t go away overnight, you know.”. He did not address the concern of what I thought was a fever induced sleepwalking/tremer but instead after me questioning his medical opinion three times, said he would have her evaluated for pyshc if that would make me happy or I could go home and have her take Tamiflu like a regular person. I told them to charge up insurance, told the Dr he was a prime example of why Knapp has such a bad image, signed my paperwork and left to the next hospital, DHR.
Within five minutes of arriving at the DHR ER, the Pediatrician was paged and arrived at her bedside. I was quickly informed that a fever not relieved by more than a days dose of tylenol and Ibuprofen in a one dose time frame was not only cause for alarm but a sign of fear when taken with Tamiflu. The Doctor informed me not only was my daughter having an allergic reaction to Tamiflu but she was also exhibiting side effects of the medication (anxiety, hallucinations, unusual behavior, breathing problems, and loss of contact with reality are all serious side effects of Tamiflu). They monitored her overnight, brought her fever down and returned her to her lucid self, in which she states she has no recollection of her craziness and can only apologize.
So now we’re home, fighting the flu the old fashioned way with Tylenol and chicken noodle soup, and as I sit here looking at her, I’m wondering how many other parents have been through this and have been turned away and told their child was fine and to continue taking the same meds that could possibly kill them.
Before I left DHR, the Pediatrician gave me a simple Google search print out of multiple children with the same experience as her from the past month, patted me on the back and said “you’re not crazy and neither is she. Tamiflu just doesn’t always work well with children and not all Drs are aware of those studies.”.
I love my daughter more than I love myself and as a mother, I feel the need to urge other parents to take caution when administering Tamiflu to their child. Watch your children, don’t give them their first dose overnight, take the day off from work, go above and beyond and be a helicopter parent, just make sure your child is okay and remember to tell them you love them 💕

The End of January is Upon Us. How are those New Year Resolutions Going?

Tonight I was on the phone with a friend of mine and I happened to mention that I was going out of town and returning Tuesday January 30th. Wait did I hear January 30th? Can the first month of 2018 be coming to an end? What about all those resolutions I made? Of all of sudden Panic was coming over me! Where did the time go, what happened to the list of things I was going to do this month and mainly where is the pounds that were suppose to be gone?!!

As I sat here tonight thiking about how many other people had unfulfilled  resolutions, and were beating themselves down about it, I realized why some of these things were not done.

Let’s start with the hardest – losing those pounds.  I started out great, buying the right foods, cooking the right meals, following the plan I wanted to and did lose a few pounds and Bam then things happened. Sickness happened!! Not to me but family members, people I care about and friends. So instead of being concerned about what meal I was going to eat, I became concerned about what I was going to make them like chicken soup, vegetarian chicken soup, essential oil blends for flu, bronchitis, achy joints, broken bones, care packages with honey, juice, etc and the happiest of all watching the grand children.  That took the last 2 weeks of the month.

Cleaning the Clutter!  How can I still have so much stuff I have to go through? Yes I was able to go  through some things and try and organize some things but you know what, even if I have resolutions, LIFE goes on. There is laundry, cooking, work, being a wife and mother, just plain every days things.

So tonight I sit here saying, Thank You Lord, that even though I am not perfect, and even though I fail at things, You love me just the way I am. In you I am not condemned because my New Years Resolutions have not been 100 percent successful,  February is a new month and who says that everything has to change on January 1? I will keep trying, asking the Lord to help me,  making sure my heart and life still think of others and taking one day at a time! And with that I will have a good night sleep, tomorrow ready to take on another day, happy with myself! I hope you can find that with yourself also!

Now as Dr Laura says, Go Take On The Day!




The Power of Essential Oils

I am sure many of you have heard about Essential Oils in one way or another! Some have tried them, some have smelled them on others or someone has recommended them to you. I personally am a big fan of Essential Oils!

There are many good ones out there and I am not here to promote any special brand even though I do have my favorite. I have numerous testimonies about how Essential Oils have helped me but this most recent one I have to share.

I also am a huge fan of Dr Axe and his health recommendations. He recently had a 101 Ways to use Essential Oils. In this list was one for Broken Bones and Arthritis. Due to recent strains on my knees and shoulders these past few months from traveling out of country, those really stuck out. I noticed in the Broken Bones one of the oils Dr Axe said to use was Fir oil.  I asked my daughter why a Fir oil and she said to think about how strong the trees are and what they can stand against. DING, DING, DING!!  Wow, that made huge sense.

So these last 4 days I have been using a blend of the oils that Dr Axe said to do including the Fir and the results have been amazing. I have been doing the 3 times a day and all I can say is Prayer, Chiropractor and Oils do work in which I am very grateful!!

If you are interested in checking the list out, here it is for you:

Diffusing oils also is a great way to use them but be careful you use a good brand around pets. Some can be toxic.

I pray the Lord leads you as He did me in finding relief in whatever you need through this list.

Di’s Delight

What you should know about the FLU.

Everywhere you turn you are hearing about how many people have the flu. One person posted on Facebook that they were at the walk in clinic and everyone was wearing masks.  All you hear from September on is how it is time to get the flu shot and all I hear now is how people who got the flu shot are sick.

Yesterday on Facebook a nurse posted this information and I thought the article was excellent and very informative. Here it is:

Ok people, Nurse advice: The flu is real this year, Read carefully and stay at home! So sorry for those of you who have had it or are currently experiencing its wrath. Hope this helps. 👇

THE FLU: (Original post credit goes to Carol Groves, RN. I agree with what she wrote and added some of my own verbiage)1.) You CAN get the flu even if you received the flu vaccine. Especially since this years shot is only 10% effective in some areas.
2.) You have a virus with a course of 7-14 days during which you are going to feel like you want to die; you may/will have fever, chills, severe headache, sore throat, chest congestion, nasal congestion, coughing, sneezing, sore throat, severe weakness/lethargy, nausea/vomiting, diarrhea and severe body/joint aches. Viruses DON’T get treated with antibiotics, it has to run its course.
3.) Go to your primary care doctor, urgent care, or telephone triage nurse FIRST, but know there is little they can do to help you. The only thing they can help you with is medication for severe coughing unresponsive to over the counter medications or severe diarrhea/vomiting. You do not need antibiotics unless you develop a secondary lung infection.
4.) DON’T COME TO THE ER…UNLESS you have shortness of breath, you cannot keep down fluids for 24 hours, have persistent liquid stools accompanied by dizziness, fast heart rate or low blood pressure.
5.) Tamiflu is an antiviral drug that is found to be mostly ineffective, and comes with significant side effects and price tag
6.) DO take Tylenol AND Advil/Motrin/Aleve at MAX doses (unless contraindicated by other health issues) to alleviate fever, headache and body aches.
7.) DO take over-the-counter flu remedies. Be careful taking combinations of different medications to avoid overdosing and overtreating (for example, some flu medicines already have Tylenol (Acetaminophen) in them, read the bottle.
8.) Use home remedies such as “hot toddies” (whiskey/lemon/honey FOR ADULTS ONLY), hot showers, vapor rubs, vapor humidifiers, essential oils, etc.
9.) Drink TONS of fluids! Hot liquids and soups may be helpful. Try to maintain nutritious intake. Milk products may thicken mucus and worsen coughs. If your urine is yellow or darker, you are not drinking enough.
10.) IMPORTANT: A rule of thumb about coughing!…If it’s productive (coughing up sputum), DO NOT suppress it with meds. If it’s non-productive (dry and annoying), DO suppress it. Make sure you’re properly hydrated, especially with a productive cough (it thins secretions and makes them easier to cough up and out). Elevate your head when you sleep to decrease coughing/secretions.
11.) PLAN AHEAD–stock up now on necessary medications, juices and drinks, soups, popsicles, and broth so you’ll be ready. This time of year it is not unusual to find store shelves empty. You won’t want to go shopping when you or a loved one is sick.
12.) DO NOT GO OUT IN PUBLIC FOR ANY REASON! An older person or someone in poor health or with respiratory disease can easily die from the flu and you don’t want to be the one who exposed them. Do NOT send a child with a fever to school during flu season. Help out your school nurses.
You’re welcome 😊

[Take meds responsibly, my advice is my opinion from personal and professional experience, and I’m not liable for any actions taken based on these recommendations]

So now that you ave read this, make your own conclusions. The one thing I do want to add is that years ago a nurse said to me, the problem is that people forget the flu killed!
Protect yourself and be considerate of others.  We can all walk then in better health!
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My new love- MCT Oil

A few months we were visiting some of friends and having dinner and all of a sudden this orange bottle appears and it is being poured over salad. I looked at it and said what is this? I was told it was MCT Oil and it is wonderful for your body. I looked at it and thought there is no way I am going to pour it on my salad, as I am a ranch dressing person! So I bought the capsules, read the bottle,  it said take with food, no red flags and away I went with my new supplement. I started taking them every so often, because I trusted the person telling me about it and it contains coconut oil and we have all heard how good that is for you.

Last week I started running out of the capsules of the bottle that I have had for probably 6 months and went to 3 stores trying to find them again with no success. I also thought I would start searching to find more information about MCT Oil and how good it really is for you before I wear my self out trying to find those gel colored capsules. Here is some information I have found.

Pretty impressive I would say! So yes, MCT Oil is something I will continue to take on a regular basis. It has those wonderful words I love to hear, speeds up metabolism, promotes healthy gut, removes joint pain and so much more!